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Mike Ray | 2022-03-22

IC Realtime Top App Questions - Answered

IC Realtime offers camera system viewing & control apps for phone and desktop systems in 3 “flavors” - the popular IC View that’s both easy to use & free to download, the ICRSS Pro app that’s intended for the serious camera system professional who needs full access & control to manage multiple cameras and recorders in multiple locations, and the Dash / ICHome app intended to be an easily accessible gateway to the Dash / ICHome series intercams cameras and cloud-stored video footage.

While each is optimized for a certain user type, many share the same function of keeping users in touch with their personal reality at home and work and in control of their cameras & recordings. This means each app draws some similar & some unique help questions to our support crews, so we are outlining the differences between the apps and listing answers to some of the most common questions our support team gets about apps.

Are IC Realtime Apps Free?

IC View and the Dash/ICHome apps and the ICR Companion app are free to download, as are the PC and iOS desktop ICRSS apps. The professional-level ICRSS Pro mobile app is has a one-time fee.

Our state-of-the-art video & audio monitoring apps & software were designed here in the United States, and our systems are installed & maintained by experienced local camera pros. When you’re ready to experience the peace of mind the IC Realtime Video Ecosystem can bring to your home or business, go to the IC Realtime home page and click the "Need a dealer?" button in the top right and we can get you connected.

Some features are no longer working on the app - where can I check for outages?

When an app issue suddenly pops up or a feature stops working, the first place to check before calling support is our website Help Center under Field Impact Notices. This is where known issues - current, resolved, and planned outages like server updates will be noted. Much like your local utility will list outages and when they will be resolved, IC Realtime’s support crew will generate an advisory notice on known issues and post it here. Checking here when something’s not right is a huge timesaver and gives you all we know about it in one quick memo. So when your clients call you about an issue you will be able to advise them - and look even smarter than they already think you are!

Where can I find more support for IC Realtime Apps?

Support for all IC Realtime products is available in multiple places, including pop-up instructions in the apps themselves that offer a quick & easy way to get familiar with the app’s functions. The IC Realtime‘s website Support section also offers an array of support opinions including a searchable Help Center that can answer most common questions quickly. And of course, both our Tech Support crew and ICare customer service can answer any questions users have and help with setup if needed via both email to tech@icrealtime.com for Service Ticket submissions and U.S.-based live phone assistance.

Dealers are also able to schedule calls through their dealer portal (next-day appointments are available!) or use the ICR Companion app to open a ticket.

What's the difference between IC View and ICRSS Pro?

IC View is a standard camera control app that most users find gives them an easy-to-understand interface that’s easy to get going with a user’s home or business camera system. It allows control of basic camera functions and has access to many camera & recorder features.

ICRSS Pro has much more extensive access to a larger array of both camera & recorder settings and control functions and is probably the most complete camera control system in the industry. Although intended for Security systems, access control & IT managers, many business and home system operators find its extensive control functions closer to their control expectations, especially with more sophisticated cameras, and the Pro version has an export clip option for easier export and push notifications direct to the mobile device.

What's the difference between Dash and IC Home

Dash Series cameras were IC Realtime’s first generation of home security cameras intended for families to share & stay in touch with both video monitoring and the capabilities to have full, natural conversations with people in the camera’s field of view, essentially becoming a full HD camera combined with an IP- based 2-way full-duplex (speakerphone-like) video intercom system. Since that combination was clumsy to say, IC Realtime coined & trademarked the term InterCam to refer to these ultra-useful products.

IC Home is the next generation of intercams® and incorporates all the Dash Series models and the new intercams® in development including an auto-tracking version of the popular Orb camera in 4MP.

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