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How To Choose Security Cameras For Your Home

Mike Ray | 2022-02-21

Just like in retail and industrial settings, choosing the suitable home security cameras for your home should be based on these components: 

1. Where you need the security cameras installed: This is called your "Field of View" aka the desired view of the location that is being observed.

2. What you need to observe from the security cameras: Aka the amount of detail you want the camera to provide (determined by camera lens & video resolution).

3. What performance do you need from your security cameras: Do you need a microphone to hear audio? Do you want to be alerted when something specific happens? 

Here is a breakdown of primary home security cameras available to make choosing security cameras for your home a little easier. 

Entry Level Home Security Cameras

What Is a Good Entry Level Home Security Camera?

Are you new to the security market? Are you looking for an entry-level, low-cost option to protect what matters to you? IC Home (Formally known as Dash) intercams® is the best & most intelligent home camera you can get.

What Are InterCams®?

Intercams® (Camera + Intercom) are commercial-grade full HD cameras with built-in, app-based 2-way "speakerphone" IP intercom audio and, most importantly, with privacy-protecting Master Key security.

These exclusive ICHome (Formally known as Dash) devices are family-friendly 4 or 2MP/ full HD "cameras with 2-way, full-duplex IP intercoms built-in for instant one-touch app-based viewing & communications.

Besides the Dinger and Flooder outdoor models, intercams® come as an indoor-rated auto-tracking (Orb) and a pedestal/magnetic mount indoor disc camera (Guardi) designs, with additional models to follow in 2022.

All intercams® are both app & cloud-based and integrate with IC Realtime recorders just like any of our commercial-grade cameras.

Professional Home Security Systems

The balance of the security camera designs you choose for your home system is up to you. You decide overall your integrator & your budget, but here are the basic camera designs for your consideration. Each design is suited to specific environments & placement situations.

Eyeball or Turret Dome Cameras

This hybrid camera combines the vandal resistance of dome cameras with the easy base installation & aiming a bullet camera. The entire camera mechanism comes enclosed in a metal or corrosion-proof and damage-resistant plastic sealed "cam ball." That ball sits in a base "cup" that attaches to the desired mounting point or accessory mount and a "shroud" that tightens down to hold the ball in position once aimed.

This design is our best-selling camera because it's the closest thing to a "universal camera" made. Available in IP and HDAVS coax, and in multiple resolutions up to 4K, with a fixed or power zoom lens and at various feature levels, this "best bang for the buck" camera design does it all and does it well.

Bullet Cameras

Long round tube cameras (shaped like a bullet) were the most common design since early cameras had long video camera tube sensors inside. Still, a favorite of installers since their mounting is flexible & easily accessible for connection and aiming. They are common outdoors where highly visible security cameras are desired and when a particular area needs coverage.

Dome / Wedge Dome Cameras

Dome cameras have identical performance to bullets but are much more vandal resistant due to their hard to pull down / hard to damage round base & damage-resistant acrylic dome. Their case completely seals the mechanism in a weatherproof "igloo" that helps maintain their performance.

The dome design is a little more complex to install since they need to be opened to access their base, and cables must be accommodated. Still, as you would expect, IC Realtime makes that more manageable with a variety of surface & recessed mounting options, including base & color -matching junction boxes, pendant, ceiling, and even "porchlight" style wall mounts.

Home is a Feeling

No matter the house size, coverage need, or application, IC Realtime has the perfect camera & recording solutions that are fully secured. Our products are made to fit both your project scope and budget; we will even help design your ideal system using them.

With IC Realtime, there aren't 25 products from different sources - there's just the best in each category. We guarantee the best by putting our name on every one of our security cameras systems. We also back our cameras with best in class warranty and always include U.S. Based concierge-level customer care & tech support.

Few things in life are as sweet as the feeling we get opening our front door and thinking: "I'm home." Everybody's experience is different - the kids run in for a hug, or the dog's jump & yap in joy, or maybe your home automation system queues your favorite music to start. Whatever your experience is, the feeling of getting back to your personal space is the same, and we all want it safe and secure.

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