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How To Make Your Cameras Work for Both Business and Home

Mike Ray | 2022-02-10

Most of us nowadays live a mash-up of home and job realities no matter where we are. This life mix that we live in is why IC Realtime expanded from strictly commercial & professional-grade cameras to include our residential security systems that all work together seamlessly.

Since our pro-level gear & residential market intercams® all work together in a unified operating system, task-specific cameras can be utilized at work & home to keep track of what’s up everywhere in our personal reality.

We believe this comprehensive “IC Realtime Video Ecosystem“ approach is the ideal solution for any new home/work mix, a single system that can help users navigate this potentially conflicting set of responsibilities. Now we can stay in control at work and keep an eye & ear on Grandma in a distant city - using one cell phone app.

Here are some specific ways our product mix can make managing your own work/life mashup easier.

Home & Work Synced Recorders


This is a core beauty of the integrated IC Realtime Video Ecosystem: an IC Realtime NVR at work can record your live network cameras from anywhere - there at work, or your home Dinger doorbell intercam® at home, or the front door of your branch office in South Africa.


If you have an existing coax-base camera system at home, upgrading to a new Pentabrid HDVR let you keep those coax cameras recording and view & record those work network cameras right next to your legacy coax cameras - an add a IP-based Dinger doorbell intercam too.

Orb & Guardi Intercams®


Your lobby at work is the only publicly accessible room in the building so you keep a close eye on it. Since you added a ceiling-mounted ICHome Guardi in the corner and added it to your work NVR, everyone else can download the free Smart ICRSS to their computer & phone and monitor it too.


So something has crashed to the floor and broken. Mom finds a basketball. The kids all play hoops and of course, no one’s talking. But unlucky for them, you have an Orbit intercam® that auto-tracked them through the family room and a Guardi in the living room corner. And therefore know what really happened. And they both stored the video & audio on the cloud for you to share with them later.

Full 24/7 Night Color


Vandals have been spray painting the walls at work and you see them from home that night after a motion alert on your app. But when you contact the cops, the first thing they ask is what they are wearing. Hard to identify clothing when it's in black & white. Time to upgrade to our new 24/ Starlight Color cameras that stream in 4MP color down to 0.003 lux - more than three times darker than a moonless night. 


You get home after dark and go to get the mail and step in it, another “gift” from some neighbor’s dog. You open your ICRSS Pro app and check your NVR for the footage from your new IC Realtime 24/7 Starlight Color camera and there it is happening in the 4am darkness. Lucky for you your night color camera plays it back as if it was daytime.

Designer Line


Your new retail space looks awesome with the new department signage working with richly colored woodgrain display shelves, window valences & counters. You look at the plans for your security cameras and wince and call your integrator. “No worries. IC Realtime can match the camera finishes to the cabinets. You won't even see them, and neither will your customers.” Mom finds a basketball behind the couch that wasn’t there yesterday.


Your new house has amazingly beautiful wood finish paneling outside and designer-perfect walls, ceilings & valences inside. It needs to be protected with a new camera system, but it can’t clash with the design. What if they became nearly invisible by perfectly matching the surfaces they were mounted on?

The Designer Line lets our free system designer choose the technically perfect cameras for ideal coverage and have them matched to their environment. Perfect coverage. Perfectly matched. Perfect solution.

Intercams® Connect Whenever, Wherever

As the perfect combo of cameras & intercoms, they neatly solve that issue by letting you remotely “check-in” without intruding. Or if the time is right or you’re concerned with what you see, activate the two-way talk and have a speakerphone-like conversation to get help or put your mind at ease.

IC Realtime cameras, recorders, and phone apps form a contiguous overview of your personal realities at work & home. They can both passively observe and - when appropriate - interact with the people & places in a direct, secure, unobtrusive & private way. And that’s a level of situational awareness & immediate reassurance that no other technology company can duplicate.

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