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5 Things You Didn't Know Your Cameras Could Do For Your Home

Mike Ray | 2022-02-01

We usually think of home camera systems providing an important security function - and that’s true. They are your remote eyes & ears with perfect memories that can enhance your life if you take advantage of their skills. And if those cameras are IC Realtime cameras do a lot more than just observe - they can interact.

But because they are an unblinking observer of the people, pets & place that matters most to you, having cameras at home can do even more. 

Here are 5 benefits to home cameras you may not have considered, but that is part of why the value of home cameras can reach way beyond security.

Help Your Entire Community

Many local law enforcement agencies and even some HOAs now maintain a “pool” of corporate & citizen-owned camera views to aid in tracking crime. By choosing to share the view of one or more of your outside cameras with local authorities, you could be the local hero by helping police catch an elusive suspect if they see them run (or sneak) by, try to get into your garage or even jump your fence. Check with your local agency to see what’s available at your house.

Open Doors 

If your recorder or camera has facial recognition capabilities, it can be set up to unlock your door if your door lock is equipped with the ability for remote unlocking. When integrated into a home automation system like Savant, our cameras use AI & advanced image processing to give the clear image needed for reliable access control that can include unlocking doors and other automation using that system’s programmed functions.

Alert You Quickly When There's Trouble 

Cameras can see & hear what’s going on in their area, but will only alert you when you set them up to do so. This may take a few tries to get it right but set them to send alerts how & when you THINK they should and give it a try. You can access & adjust your alert settings on your ICView or ICRSS Pro app or on your PC or Mac and play with the parameters until you get it working your way.

Only you know what constitutes a reason to contact you, but once set up you will get alerted just the way you want, and you can even add & remove who gets the alerts and how if there’s someone else that you decide needs them.

Alert You For Specific Sounds  

With a little setup effort, many of our AI-assisted cameras can be set up to send alerts with pics via DM or even email-based on customized levels of ‘abnormal sound” when audio “noise” above a normal level is detected in their area - even without a visual detection - so you can check the live view or recordings. This can serve as a break-in alert that catches breaking glass or doors being forced open that are out of the camera’s Field Of View (FOV) for security but can also hear the calls for help in an “I fell & can’t get up” situation that is out of view or hear the dogs going off at someone on your porch or in your yard so you can look in.

Camera + Intercom = InterCam® 

ICHome Orb and Guardi are “intercams®” - the perfect combo of cameras & intercoms, which makes them the perfect way to remotely “check-in” on distant or live-alone families without intruding. You can give permissions & passwords to other concerned relatives & nearby friends that can discretely look & listen whenever they have a second, without intruding, just like they lived next door and you peeked out the window. If the time looks right, or you’re concerned with what you see, touch the app button to activate the two-way talk and have a speakerphone-like conversation to get help or put your mind at ease.

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