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Your Most Popular 4K Questions - Answered | IC Realtime

Mike Ray | 2022-01-31

Are 4K Security Cameras Worth It?

If you run a store that has to watch for small objects disappearing or need detailed face & vehicle shots for security then definitely yes. The good news is any working 1080P camera can be moved to an empty channel as a new camera, replace a less capable camera at another position, or keep it as a spare.

If you’re utilizing your surveillance for small tasks such as checking if the kids are home from school or out by the pool, you may be able to use products from our IC Home line that have great quality as well.

Remember, you can’t ever go wrong with 4K. Any new 4k camera has the latest & greatest video chips, which means better overall performance, light control, AI features.

Do I need a 4K capable recorder?

To see full 4K end-to-end live and & playback in 4K locally and on an app, yes. The recorder's datapath has to be capable of processing & streaming 4K content. If you have a failed 1080P camera and just want to buy a future-proof replacement, our 4K cameras can be set to a 1080P stream, and then when you upgrade the recorder to 4K you can switch them back to full 4K awesomeness.

All IC Realtime new recorders have some amazing features, up-to-date on-screen interface & cybersecurity. They always come with a 10-year limited warranty and are backward compatible so you can continue to use the rest of your older cameras with your new 4K recorder.

What camera positions should be in 4K?

Any facing long distances where you might need to zoom in on playback or where detail rendition is important for faces & vehicles, like on a front porch or driveway.

For example, some people zoom in on an Uber driver to capture their face & vehicle in the driveway before getting in the car just in case. In commercial settings, face, clothing & vehicle details are the most helpful for law enforcement so those cameras' positions should be first.  In fact, most systems only use 4K cameras in their most vital positions since their extreme resolution isn't required for every position.

Does 4K video run slower on my phone?

Generally no - about the same. Of course, like any video app, that depends on your phone, your plan, distance from a tower, and your provider. Generally, there are so many hardware & software processes between the camera and your phone that average out the difference that they should run about the same as a 1080P camera facing long distances where you might need to zoom in on playback or where detail rendition is important for faces & vehicles, like on a front porch or driveway.

Who Makes the Best Security System?

A camera system runs 24/7, has to withstand weather, power surges & failures, and sometimes even vandalism and keep on going: dependability is the key. So the "Who makes the best 4k security system" question can be answered by finding out who has the longest warranty. IC Realtime has a 10 Year Limited Warranty on its Max, Flex & Elite recorders & cameras. If you can find gear with longer coverage, buy it.

The ideal video system is a complex decision because every property is unique, meaning it will need its own customized video system design. That’s why IC Realtime has local camera integrators that can help you evaluate your property, show you what gear is available, and discuss your options. When you're satisfied, IC Realtime consults with you both and does free system design & planning to make sure you comply with your area’s regulations & you get what you need.

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