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5 Things to Consider When Upgrading to 4k Security | IC Realtime

Mike Ray | 2022-01-03

If your current security camera system is working, why upgrade it? Justifying the upgrade comes down to how old it is, how you use your cameras and your budget. Many operators assume “if it ain’t broke don't fix it” but in security electronics, that attitude can leave you vulnerable and under-equipped for today’s physical & cybersecurity challenges. Based on years of real-world 4K camera experience, here are our 5 top points to consider before upgrading your camera system to 4K UHD resolution.

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1. How often are your cameras used in your daily operations?

If your cameras are a critical part of your operation or - as in the case of lottery retailers, grow houses & dispensaries - legally mandated, using the best tools available makes obvious sense. 4K cameras are state-of-the-art and their extreme resolution eliminates the “coverage anxiety” many users feel with lower resolution cameras.

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2. How critical is clearly defined detail to your security situation?  

4K cameras & recorders have 4 times the pixel density of even the best 1080P cameras. For critical camera positions, the ability to capture & record even the finest details can make all the difference when an incident happens and you need video evidence. 4K systems can reveal scene details that might be blurred or indistinct at lower resolutions. Remember - beyond resolution, 4K cameras & recorders are the newest designs and are built with the most advanced image management software & features to take advantage of the camera’s 4K pixels density.

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3. How old are your current cameras?

If your IP cameras are over 5 years old, there are new cybersecurity threats they may not be upgradeable to handle. Using a coax camera system? No worries - in fact, that’s actually an advantage when upgrading since Pentabrid HDVRs and HDAVS 4k coax cameras deliver state-of-the-art 4K and even 16:9 widescreen performance with no latency. Our HDAVS cameras can be switched to match all major HD over coax formats for use with your current recorder then switch back to match newer 4K capable HDVR recorders. Our new Pentabrid HDVRs automatically adapt to record multiple coax camera formats - even analog cameras - and offer “bonus” IP camera channels so you can design a mixed system with both coax & IP cameras.

4. Would you like to use AI-assisted camera & recorder features?

IP-based NVRs and coax-based HDVRs are brimming with the latest features like human facial recognition, vehicle & license plate recognition, ultra-low light color chipsets, and cutting-edge image & stream management capabilities. You can upgrade your NVR (or AVR to an HDVR) to a 4K capable model and keep your current cameras, adding 4K as you go while leveraging installed coax cables & power system gear.

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5. Are you using 4K monitors or mobile devices?

In today’s TV market, 4K monitors and security cameras are very affordable. Remember when you first saw a 1080P camera? Upgrading to 4K is an even more astonishing change. With the pixel density of a 4K video sensor, those additional data points (in this case pixels) means color gradation curves are smoothed out, and image details snap into clarity. If you are using a 4K monitor or watching your video on a newer cell phone or pad, matching your camera system resolution to match lets you experience the full ultra-high definition of 4K end-to-end.

Sunday football or the latest sci-fi movie is awesome in 4K.

Ultra High Definition really “goes to work” in security cameras & recorders. 4K’s extra detail and color definition takes security video to the next level for live monitoring and recorded footage, and gives camera & recorder-based AI systems even more data points for 90% accurate detection, perimeter detection, and even facial ID detection. You already know the astonishing level of detail 4K UHD brings to entertainment - now experience the 4k difference where it matters most - in your video security system.

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