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IC Realtime's TAA gear addresses 5 voids

Adrian Pop | 2020-06-08


Higher quality means better performance, greater reliability, lower failure rates, and an exquisite look & feel to delight you. Expect excellence from IC Realtime.  


We place the utmost value & attention on privacy matters following cybersecurity. Security products originating from Korea do not carry the stigma of vulnerabilities or penetrable attributes. Privacy is simple, and IC Realtime's TAA line keeps it that way.


The reliability of TAA compliant gear and the combined unparalleled connectivity using today's most widely accepted and secured platforms makes the line a clear choice for projects of all shapes and sizes.


The TAA Series has been triple-fortified against cybersecurity threats and subjected to systematic and rigorous third party stress, vulnerability, and penetration testing.


The TAA Series has the capabilities necessary to continually deliver on the intended outcomes regardless of the countless adversities of cyber events and circumstances.



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